Stephanie is an Australian Fashion Illustrator and Textile Designer based in Sydney, Australia. Stephanie has worked for some of the biggest fashion and lifestyle brands such as Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, L’Oréal, Sony Entertainment and Crown Resorts. Stephanie has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Australia, as one of 12 Australian Illustrators whose names you should know.  

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I’ve always loved capturing moments in time, there is always a whole story behind a gaze that I hope to portray in my illustrations. This one in particular seemed to perfectly depict how I have been feeling during these crazy Covid times. Although this global pandemic has been unsettling it has given me so much time to reflect on my art and it has given me a sense of excitement for the future – the freedom that is hopefully soon to come when this is all over.


I found the original reference for this piece on Pinterest and sadly, was never able to find out who the model was. So, I named her Luciá – the name I’m saving for my first daughter, not that you asked.  I illustrated this piece during a time were I was feeling incredibly stagnant, working from home also created a very repetitious daily cycle which didn’t help. Finishing this piece gave me a sense of relief, I was able to document how I felt in that moment and then move on from it in some weird way.



Inka William’s face has been one I’ve loved to illustrate since the beginning of (my) time. I have simply fallen in love with her bold features, her eyes  just demand that I pick up my 2B and sketch them. If you are just starting out or are coming back to sketching after some time off, I would definitely use Inka’s portraits for some inspiration. The Bali beauty has been a muse of mine for years and I promise you, you’ll be illustrating her over and over again.